Soul Therapy is a classical yoga and wellness centre bringing you a new concept in physical, mental and spiritual health.  Soul Therapy Wellness Centre is situated between Runaway Bay and Paradise Point on Gold Coast, Qld.

Specializing in the Treatment of:
* Anxiety
* Breathing Problems
* Panic Attacks
* Stress Disorders
* Fatigue
* Adrenal Exhaustion

Soul Therapy is integrating the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga and Meditation with modern day Kinesiology and Nutritional Science in to a program that can improve your life on all levels.

Soul Therapy Treatments and Courses empower the individual to improve mental, emotional and physical health while feeling spiritually nourished.

Soul Therapy provides information and practice to help you regain wellness through Yoga, Meditation and Mind Body Medicine.

Learn to Relax, Breathe and Meditate at home with Soul Therapy CDS and MP3 downloads.

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Hypertonix Kinesiology
Bowen Therapy
Remedial Massage

Courses :

Yoga Classes
Yoga Therapy
Breath Therapy
Meditation/ Relaxation



Soul Therapy offers regular seminars in
Yoga and Ayurveda
Healthy life style
Overcoming or managing various medical conditions – anxiety, breathing problems, irritable bowel syndrome, stress related back and neck pain


Guided Meditations, Breath Therapy, Yoga Therapy & Wellness – Mp3 downloads.


All Classes, Consults are conducted by highly qualified practitioners.
Meditation and information MP3s are created by experienced teachers.